WHM Labour Law Advisors has over 25 years’ experience within the Human Resources and Industrial Relations environment, helping employers keep their business safe.

We build and maintain a professional, transparent relationship with every client we meet. Our clients are our top priority! Our improved rate of success at the CCMA will save any business paying out compensation when it is not due.

Our monthly retainer package provides ongoing legal protection and advice, making legal representation affordable and feasible for employers and their businesses.

Our members are registered organisers at the South African United Employers’ Organisation, which allows our Advisors to represent a company in any CCMA or Bargaining Council matter.

This comes as a benefit to employers in terms of cost-saving as the utilisation of an Industrial relations practitioner to prepare ad hoc legal documentation tends to be very costly.


  • 24/7 telephonic support and advice.
  • Assisting in the issuing of serious and final written warnings.
  • Investigation of any occurrence of employee misconduct or poor performance.
  • Support in the drafting and preparation of charges.
  • Assistance in the issuing of disciplinary hearing charge sheets.
  • Chairing of disciplinary and appeal hearings.
  • CCMA Representation


  • Design and implementation of HR procedures and policies.
  • Revision of existing HR procedures and policies.
  • Drafting of job descriptions and specifications.
  • Assistance in recruitment, selection, interviewing and placement of new staff.
  • Cross checking of references for new employees.
  • Origination and roll out of induction programmes based on employer requirements and specifications.
  • Establishment of a Work Skills and Employment Equity plan.


HR officers enrolled in the HR Candidate Development Programme through the South African Board for People Practices (SABPP) can be assigned within your organisation to support the current HR Manager, Operational Manager or General Manager. The purpose of this programme is to develop the skills of HR graduates by allowing them to convert their theoretical knowledge into practical experience through activities related to professional practice. This is done under the guidance of a registered SABPP supervisor/mentor.


  • Origination of customised training programs specific to employer’s requirements.
  • Skilling of middle management in:
    • Preparation of evidence and chairing a disciplinary hearing
    • Performance management


  • Expert, comprehensive payroll solutions.
  • Highly efficient and legally compliant payslips.
  • For small and medium sized enterprises.


  • Organisations who pay the skills levy may claim up to 20% of their levies back in mandatory grants, if the Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) submits the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) in accordance with the prescribed requirements.
  • WHM Labour Law Advisors will provide the company with a qualified Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) that can assist the employer with the development and implementation of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) and submit these documents to the relevant SETA by the due date.


Ask An Expert

“WHM Labour Law Advisors have given us above excellent service over the past 8 years. Their wide knowledge and expertise in Labour Relations and Human Resources served my company through Disciplinary Management as well as training given on Disciplinary Management. They cannot guarantee a dispute free environment, but they can guarantee effective Disciplinary Management and full support with CCMA cases. Their advise has always been tactful, concrete and professional. I will recommend them to any company in any industry. Thank you for your loyal services.”


“WHM Labour Law Advisors have served us for the past 3 years. The Consultants are always available on request for any issues telephonically and they also visit the site when bigger issues might arise. The advice given truly works. Their advice have always helped me save time and money, helping me to focus on my business. They handle my labour issues as well as entrance and exit interviews, contracts, dismissals and conflict related issues. I’d like to thank them for their kind and loyal service.”


“Ons maak al vir meer as ‘n jaar gebruik van WHM Labour Law Advisors en is baie tevrede met hul diens. My ervaring was dat hulle altyd omtrent onmiddelik beskikbaar is om my by te staan met advies. Hulle gee onmiddelik deeglike aandag aan enige aangeleent heid wat ek na hulle verwys. Beide Hennie en Marco is baie kundig en ervare. Dit gee my soveel gemoedsrus om te weet ons arbeidsregaangeleenthede word op die korrekte manier hanteer. Hulle diens en toewyding dra by daartoe dat ons ‘n regverdige werksomgewing kan skep waar almal lekker saamwerk. Ons kan daarom fokus op die groei van ‘n gesonde winsgewende besigheid. Ek sal WHM Labour Law Advisors met ‘n oop gemoed aanbeveel vir enige besigheid.”