Work Integrated Program Sponsorship (2015)

The Human Resources Diploma 3rd year students at the UJ Soweto Campus were offered an opportunity of a lifetime to do their Work Integrated Program at BMW Rosslyn. They are extremely grateful to their lecturer Hennie van Graan, a director of WHM Labour Law Advisors, who made this possible for them.

ABET (Adult Basic Education Training)

WHM Labour Law Advisors; Media Works and Leriba Hotel and Spa established a ABET Training Centre situated at Leriba Hotel and Spa. The objective is to educate previously disadvantaged adults who live in the Centurion community who did not receive any education during their early childhood.

The Centre has the following number of students (Specified according to ABET Levels):

Basic Oral Bridging Course: 3 Students

  • ABET Level 2: 3 Students
  • ABET Level 3: 1 Student
  • ABET Level 4: 1 Student

Other websites to visit in association with this project:

Media Works
Leriba Hotel and Spa

Leriba Hotel and Spa Earthworm Farm

Our Earthworm Farm – Wellness Project; sponsored by WHM Labour Law Advisors at Leriba Hotel and Spa.

WHM Labour Law Advisors supports the Fight against Global Warming.

Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2014

WHM Labour Law Advisors decided to treat the 100 employees of Leriba Hotel and Spa (who is one of our Clients) with roses and chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

Leriba Hotel and Spa Newsletter

WHM Labour Law Advisors is the proud Sponsor, Editor and Publisher of the Leriba Hotel and Spa Employee Newsletter.

The first issue was distributed on 14 May 2014 to the employees at Leriba Hotel and Spa.

The Newsletter is printed on Recycled paper.

We are happy to say that the newsletter sponsored by WHM Labour Law Advisors at Leriba Hotel and Spa will become food for the earthworms once the employees have finished reading it.

UJ Students Shadowing WHM Labour Law Advisors

The students from the UJ Campus in Soweto shadowed Marco Entres and Beaulah Nigrini from WHM Labour Law Advisors.

Boitumelo Lekoma said on Facebook:

“I really enjoyed my time at WHM Labour Law Advisors firm the past week. I would like to thank you guys for granting me and my colleagues the opportunity to learn and experience how the labour law industry works thanks to Marco and Beaulah for making us feel welcome. Mchwaáa”

The students also said that they gained valuable hands-on experience in both the Labour Law as well as the Human Resources industry.

WHM Labour Law advisors would like to thank the students for their positive feedback about our company and we would love to accommodate them again.

Capital Hotel School Student Sponsorship (16/03/2013).

WHM Labour Law Advisors sponsored students from the Capital Hotel School and Training Academy with cash prizes and Momento framed Certificates on 16 March 2013.

Click here to view the Thank You letter.

Roodeplaat Ramble (29/01/2012).

Together with Wild Trail Athletics Club we were proud sponsors of the “Roodeplaat Ramble” Trail Run in Kameeldrift East on the 29th January 2012.

We sponsored Running shirts to some of the runners and also sponsored all the medals for the event.

Hennie van Graan and Marco Entres, who are two members of WHM Labour Law Advisors also took part in the trail run, and ran a 7 km trail.

Wild Trial Running Runner Sponsorship.

Whm Labour Law Advisors are proud sponsors of this outstanding runner. With his sheer will to succeed and his enormous stamina, he caught the eyes of our members at whm and thus we decided to approach this runner by the name of Saul and the club he runs for Wild Trail Running.

Whm Labour Law Advisors sponsor this runner with his running shirts as seen on the photos and also with his running shoes to make sure he can keep on running in comfort and with safety.