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2108, 2017

Hennie van Graan, Senior Partner at WHM Labour Law Advisors

A medical certificate stating “medical condition” you do not need to pay out. A medical certificate stating “according to my opinion” you do not need to pay out.

212, 2014

LabourChat EP3: Carefully Approaching Probation

The third in our podcast discussing all things labour, we look this week at probation and the many aspects that's involved in this process.

2411, 2014

LabourChat EP2: How Employers can Navigate the ‘Absenteeism’ Minefield Successfully.

We are very excited about this new series of ours. With our first getting more 'listens' than we expected. This week we are looking at absenteeism and [...]

1011, 2014

LabourChat EP1: How Your Employees May be Using Medical Certificates to ‘Game’ the System and What You Can Do.

Listen to our first in a great series of podcasts called 'LabourChat' where we speak to the labour challenges that employers come across and how it affects them. This week we focus on Medical Certificates and how employees may abuse the system and how you can curb it from happening.

1905, 2014

Employee Defiance a Growing Problem – Challenging Insubordination, Disrespect and Role of Reasonable Instruction.

To an employer insubordination is a nightmare, especially where the employer is ill-equipped to deal with insubordinate employees. In this article I attempt to provide a better understanding of the subject.

905, 2014

2006 Courtcase Labels Medical Certificates as Hearsay – CCMA Outcomes Changed.

Many professionals in the HR department find themselves at wits end when it comes to medical leave and certificates produced to support an extended absence. In this article the topic of medical certificates is carefully explained.


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