WHM Labour Law Advisors has over 25 years’ experience within the Human Resources and Industrial Relations environment.

It would be unrealistic to assume that the practices of Industrial Relations are uncomplicated. Unfortunately, the current legislation is very “worker centric” and changes annually, leaving employers very frustrated and their knowledge outdated. WHM Labour Law Advisors solve these frustrations in that they keep their clients updated regarding these changes, which often need to be implemented immediately.

Regarding disciplinary procedures, success is ensured when the Industrial Relations practitioner prepares the employer’s case in such a way that it can be challenged at the appropriate forum. This improved rate of success at the CCMA will save the client paying out compensation when it is not due.

The monthly retainer package available from WHM Labour Law Advisors protects clients from paying out compensation to unethical employees who try to lodge dishonest claims at the CCMA.

The package provides ongoing legal protection and advice, making legal representation more affordable and feasible to employers.

Our members are register organisers’ at the South African United Employers’ Organisation. This registration allows WHM Labour Law Advisors and its members to represent a company in any CCMA or Bargaining Council matter. This is a huge benefit to clients in terms of cost-saving as the utilisation of an Industrial relations practitioner to prepare ad hoc legal documentation is very costly.

The team at WHM Labour Law Advisors is highly qualified in all aspects of labour law and litigation.

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We strive to be Trusted Advisors to our clients. We pride ourselves on our responsive, honest, and cost-effective service, while constantly challenging ourselves to deliver more to our clients.


To provide our clients with strategic, cost-effective solutions for all their Labour Law needs.


Hennie Van Graan
Hennie Van Graan Founder and Director of WHM, Senior Partner and Labour Consultant.
Hennie van Graan was a previous lecturer at the University of Johannesburg teaching Human Resources and Organisational Behavior. He has qualified academically up to Honours level in Human Resources, with extensive experience in the security, retail, manufacturing, food services and hospitality sectors.
Gilbert Nangammbi
Gilbert NangammbiSenior Partner
Gilbert Nangammbi is our Senior Partner at WHM. He is Hennie van Graan’s right-hand man and he is always ready to assist a client.
Angela Bender
Angela BenderOperations Director

Angela is a highly experienced professional with 27 years of experience in the labor relations industry. She has been in a director’s position from a young age, showcasing her exceptional leadership skills and strong work ethic. Angela has a deep understanding of labor laws and regulations, and she is highly skilled in managing complex labor relations issues. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a keen ability to develop and implement effective strategies to resolve disputes and promote collaboration between management and employees. Angela is highly respected in her field and is known for her integrity, dedication, and commitment to achieving positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Rueben Nel
Rueben NelHead of Litigation

Rueben Nel, the Head of Litigation at WHM Labour Law Advisors. With an impressive 8 years of experience in the dynamic field of Labour Law, Rueben is a trusted expert in resolving legal matters related to the workplace. With a BsocSci in Industrial Sociology & Labour studies, he brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical expertise to the table. Rueben Nel is renowned for his unwavering work ethic and dedication to achieving positive outcomes for his clients. With his extensive experience in the Labour Law industry, Rueben is well-versed in navigating the complexities of employee-employer relationships, dispute resolution, and compliance with labour regulations.

Experience, knowledge and dedication—Rueben Nel is the ideal choice for resolving your labour law matters effectively and efficiently.

Anet Schluter
Anet Schluter Financial Director

Anet Schluter has 22 years’ experience in Finance. She joined WHM late in 2018 as the Financial Manager and has recently become the Financial Director. She also has progressive experience in payroll and remote payroll services.

Melanie Swanepoel
Melanie Swanepoel Senior Financial Consultant

Melanie Swanepoel has been working in finances for the last 32 years. She held many previous position throughout 28 years and has been with WHM since February 2019. She assists with the collection of outstanding monies as well as the admin side of finances and she also liaises with our clients on a day to day basis.

Busa Bhembe
Busa BhembeLabour Law Consultant

Busa Bhembe is a young professional who has graduated from Varsity College Pretoria after completing his Bachelor of Commerce in Law Degree. Prior to this he had completed Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices straight after Matric. Long-term aspirations include furthering studies and obtaining an Llb Degree. With his ethical background and upbringing he believes he can contribute to a better South Africa.

Seun Mahlangu
Seun Mahlangu Labour Law Consultant

Seun Obtained his National Diploma in Legal Assistance at the Tshwane University of Technology in April 2016. He is an Bachelor of Law (LLB) Student at UNISA. He started working at WHM Group of Companies in December 2022 within the Labour law department. He has gained immense experience in Labour law.

Denise Kruger
Denise Kruger Senior Labour Relations Administrator

Denise Kruger is a highly experienced senior administrator with a 20-year career in Labour law administration. Throughout her professional journey, she has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in this field, making her a highly respected and sought-after professional. With a keen eye for detail and exceptional organizational skills, she has played a key role in providing legal administrative guidance and support to her fellow colleges. As a result of her years of experience, she has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality work and providing invaluable advice.

Itumeleng Mokgwatleng
Itumeleng Mokgwatleng JNR Labour Relations Administrator

Meet Itumeleng – a recent graduate of Industrial Sociology and Labour Studies from The University of Pretoria. With two years of experience in administration and currently working as WHM’s Junior Labour Law administrator, Itumeleng has a strong passion for the labour industry. Her goal is to pursue further studies in Labour Law to deepen her knowledge and expertise. If you’re looking for a skilled and dedicated professional in the labour field, Itumeleng is the right person for you.

Madri Burger
Madri Burger Sales Executive

Madri Burger comes from a beauty, sales and marketing background when she decided to go more corporate. WHM gave her the opportunity to do what she loves and to grow in the direction of the corporate world.
Sales suits her well. It’s a field that aligns well with her skills, interests, and position. She has excellent interpersonal skills, and is passionate about relationship-building and customer service. Those traits have made her an effective salesperson — and simply put, she enjoys doing things she does well.”Madri Burger has 10 years experience in marketing sales and she additionally holds comprehensive training as an Image Consultant and is a certified makeup artist. For all women and men wanting to be transformed to the best version of themselves. Madri has a real passion for people. She is energetic and passionate about sales marketing beauty and wellness.

“WHM Labour Law Advisors have given us above excellent service over the past 8 years. Their wide knowledge and expertise in Labour Relations and Human Resources served my company through Disciplinary Management as well as training given on Disciplinary Management. They cannot guarantee a dispute free environment, but they can guarantee effective Disciplinary Management and full support with CCMA cases. Their advise has always been tactful, concrete and professional. I will recommend them to any company in any industry. Thank you for your loyal services.”


“WHM Labour Law Advisors have served us for the past 3 years. The Consultants are always available on request for any issues telephonically and they also visit the site when bigger issues might arise. The advice given truly works. Their advice have always helped me save time and money, helping me to focus on my business. They handle my labour issues as well as entrance and exit interviews, contracts, dismissals and conflict related issues. I’d like to thank them for their kind and loyal service.”


“Ons maak al vir meer as ‘n jaar gebruik van WHM Labour Law Advisors en is baie tevrede met hul diens. My ervaring was dat hulle altyd omtrent onmiddelik beskikbaar is om my by te staan met advies. Hulle gee onmiddelik deeglike aandag aan enige aangeleent heid wat ek na hulle verwys. Beide Hennie en Marco is baie kundig en ervare. Dit gee my soveel gemoedsrus om te weet ons arbeidsregaangeleenthede word op die korrekte manier hanteer. Hulle diens en toewyding dra by daartoe dat ons ‘n regverdige werksomgewing kan skep waar almal lekker saamwerk. Ons kan daarom fokus op die groei van ‘n gesonde winsgewende besigheid. Ek sal WHM Labour Law Advisors met ‘n oop gemoed aanbeveel vir enige besigheid.”