I am expecting my baby, what now, laymen’s terms?

What an interesting question ladies. Should I pack up and leave, can my employer just let me go, what is my actual rights? Well on the first instance according to Sub-s. (1) substituted by s. 3 (a) of Act 47 of 2013 (wef 1August 2014).): “No person may unfairly discriminate, directly or indirectly, against [...]

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We are racing towards the end of the year! A race for finishing up all those financial statements. Making sure that there are no-more HR challenges or putting to rest the current labor issues as we experienced in the case of SAA. Getting Mr. “Cole” seated in his position of driving ESKOM out its severe [...]

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What is absent or absenteeism?

What does it mean and can I overlook it or should I deal with it? What will happen if I don't deal with it? What harm can it do if an employee is a few minutes late? Questions, questions and more questions - but the most dominant consideration is usually that "we better leave it [...]

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Never “Theft”

Theft = Intent & possession Unauthorised removal of company property Unauthorised possession of company property

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Sleeping on duty

Religious practices Speak to the person Call the person by name Is the person in a relaxed position Is the person responding Unauthorised possession video

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Sexual Harassment

Any unwanted form of attention or behaviour. Against male or female or same sex Sexual attention becomes harassment if: The behaviour is persisted, although a single incident of harassment can also constitute sexual harassment; and/or The recipient has made it clear that the behaviour is considered offensive; and/or The perpetrator should have known that the [...]

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What makes us unique

We specialise in the security industry Over 20 years of experience in labour We offer training in disciplinary management 24/7 telephonic & email support Organisers of SAUEO In-depth knowledge of bargaining councils and their main agreement      

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How to deal with retrenchments?

Misconduct Incapacity Operational requirements …also known as Retrenchment. These must be based on economic, technological, structural and similar reasons, all a consequential restructuring of the work place. Structural reasons relate to the redundancy of pro’s consequent to the restructuring of employers and business. Reflect The Act state the employer must consult and therefore  the employer [...]

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Hennie van Graan, Senior Partner at WHM Labour Law Advisors

A medical certificate stating “medical condition” you do not need to pay out. A medical certificate stating “according to my opinion” you do not need to pay out.

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